Romantic intrigues set in Regency England…

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Gail invites you to escape with her into early 19th century England, when Napoleon threatened the nations of Europe and the “Age of Elegance” ruled the ballrooms of the wealthy members of the “ton”. Explore the streets of London and English country villages, meet some characters you won’t forget, face dangerous challenges, share some laughs, and find love, all from the comfort of your favorite reading chair!

…heart-warming, intelligent, and wonderfully romantic” –Mary Balogh
…engaging characters, vividly painted, and a fresh plot, cleverly handled.” –Diane Farr
…touching romance you will not soon forget!” –April Kihlstrom

…Gail Eastwood expands the barriers of the Regency genre with [a] twist…that brings a unique freshness to the read.” — AOL Romance Review

My “traditional” Regency stories lean towards the “Historical” subgenre in plot and tone, but they are “sweet” (no explicit sex), despite strong attractions and sexual tension between characters. To me, the story is what’s important. My characters let me know how far they will go, in their unique situations and this time period. I’m not fond of rules or policies –just of what seems authentic.

Will my new work be different? We’ll have to see! New characters, new situations –although the book I am working on now picks up the story of two characters who have already appeared in earlier books. Click on “Upcoming” under the BOOKS link to get more info on the new story.

Gail’s Booklist: Signet Regency Romances


ABOUT THE WISTERIA: the sketch on my header is by artist friend Warren Rogers. It figures in AN UNLIKELY HERO, although it was still rare in England at that time. It’s one of my favorite flowering vines, despite being a pest in my garden!