Society for Creative Anachronism

If you want to know something about me, you should know I’ve been an active member of the SCA for more than 30 years. Addicted much? This is an international educational organization dedicated to recreating “the best parts” of the (primarily) European medieval and renaissance periods. It is divided into regional “kingdoms” made up of smaller local groups. There’s probably one near you! It offers a place to indulge my love of costuming, and of historical dance, among other the things –not to mention tournaments, fun feasts and many friends. You can see a couple of photos of me in “garb” in the Photo Gallery section.

Here’s a link to their main site:

People ask why, with this interest, I’m writing Regencies and not medieval romances. My story ideas are almost always Regency or contemporary. Perhaps the SCA gives me enough chance to play in that period to keep me happy? I don’t really know!